Buy Tyres at Roadside (Garages) Limited, Coleraine

At Roadside (Garages) Limited in Coleraine, we are an authorised seller of Stapleton Tyres and other popular - as well as budget - brands.

Our aim is to make purchasing the right tyre at the right price as simple as possible. Our tyre experts will guide you to the ideal tyres for your vehicle from thousands of tyres from the world's leading brands. We have great prices on all tyres ranging from budget to premium quality and all our prices include fitting - no hidden extras!

You can purchase your required tyres by following a few simple steps below, or to enquire please call us on 02870356999.

Free Tyre Safety Check

The recent wintry weather ('The Beast From the East') and the resulting poor condition of our roads including an increased number of potholes has most likely taken its toll on your tyres so we're encouraging our customers to book in for a FREE Tyre Safety Check to make sure their cars are ready for the road this Spring and Summer!

Overall Condition of Your Tyres

We will check the overall condition of your tyres including the tyres' sidewalls, inner and outer, as well as checking for any nicks or bulges.

Tyre pressure

Driving without the correct tyre pressure hugely increases tyre wear, which shortens the lifespan of the tyres. When tyres are over or under inflated the vehicles, handling will be seriously affected and could become unstable. All cars will have the correct tyre pressure amount written into their handbook - so if you're carrying out checks yourself make sure you check this before inflating.

Tyre Tread Depth

The British legal limit for car tyre depth is 1.6mm, which is 75% of the tyre. It's against the law to ignore this, with fines of up to £2,500 and the chance of three penalty points on your driving license. To test tread depth yourself, take a 20p coin and place it between the main grooves of the tyre. If you can see the outer band of the coin, the tyre depth is insufficient. At this point, it is advised that you have your tyres checked over by a qualified mechanic.

Spare Tyre

Even if you never use your spare tyre, it's vital to have this checked regularly to ensure it is ready for use should you need it.

Signs of Irregular Wear

It's important to analyse the shape of your tyres and check for wear frequently. There are a variety of causes for worn tyres, including abnormal wheel alignment, suspension issues and internal tyre faults because of driving on under-inflated or over-inflated tyres. Wear can happen on the inner or outer edges of the tyre. Feathered and cupped wear are also quite common and can be caused by out-of-balance tyres, bent steering arms, to misalignment, worn tie rod ends or worn idler arms.

Book a Free Tyre Safety Check