Roadside PreLoved Service Plan

“Family-Like Aftersales Care”

Care for your car and spread the costs interest free.

Freeze your cost

Not only will you be able to budget easily for the cost of servicing but you may also save money, because if prices rise during the term of your plan, you won't have to pay anything extra. It's like freezing the cost of servicing at today's prices.

Maintain the value of your car

Your car will need to be serviced at regular intervals to make sure it remains reliable. Regular servicing - in line with the manufacturer's schedule - is a condition of the warranty - and it's the only way to ensure your car remains safe, efficient and a pleasure to drive for many years to come. When you come to sell your car, a full service history can add considerably to its value.

No large bills to pay

Spread the cost of 3 years' servicing with no interest to pay and avoid large unwanted bills when you least expect them. This is not a finance agreement so there is no interest to pay and there are no credit scoring requirements to meet.