Fur and Fun at Roadside (Garages) Limited - Coleraine's Dog-Friendly Car Dealer

In case you don’t already know, Roadside (Garages) Ltd in Coleraine loves its furry friends. The majority of our Team here are dog lovers and have the cutest and most gorgeous dogs of their own - check out some of the lovely pics of our staff's dogs over on the right - swoon!!

Many of our customers’ dogs are also regulars at the dealership and because we get so soppy over seeing all these gorgeous dogs we welcome and actively encourage our customers to bring their dogs with them when buying a car or getting theirs serviced.

Apart from anything, buying a car can be a lengthy process, so bringing your dog in can help keep everyone entertained – you will find certain members of staff hovering just to say hello to your dog, while you peruse the new cars for sale beautifully displayed in the showroom, or browse our stock of excellent value used cars!

It also means your dog won’t be left alone for long periods of time in your car while waiting.

Also, your dog is probably the most important ‘person’ in your family and should certainly be kept in the loop when such an important purchase is taking place!

So go on, bring your dog with you when you’re next visiting the dealership. We’d love to meet them!

Roadside (Garages) Limited - Coleraine's Dog-Friendly Dealer
Roadside (Garages) Limited - Coleraine's Dog-Friendly Dealer