• The compact SUV completes Auto Bild magazine’s 100,000- kilometre endurance test with highest possible score.
  • Third quality victory in three months.
  • Sportage can be purchased now at Roadside (Garages) Limited in Coleraine from £18,000.

When it comes to quality, the Kia Sportage compact SUV is currently breaking all the records. In a 100,000-kilometre endurance test conducted by Germany’s Auto Bild magazine, Kia’s European bestselling model has outshone the competition.

From June 2014, the Auto Bild team tested the third – generation Kia Sportage in everyday situations, under a range of conditions. The Sportage passed the marathon test without a single defect or problem, and received a ‘1’ as its overall grade – the highest possible score, putting the car as the new leader in the endurance test. AutoBild magazine described the score as “richly deserved”.

This latest reliability result for the Kia Sportage follows Auto Motor und Sport magazine’s June report into the car passing a 100,000 km endurance test without a single fault – the first car in the magazine’s history to do so. The compact SUV also shone in the largest German long-term customer satisfaction survey, the J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study, with the lowest rate of faults among all models in the survey.

Steffen Cost, Managing Director (COO) of Kia Motors Deutschland, said: “The fact that the Kia Sportage has again tested so well is incredibly satisfying. This series of successes is spectacular, but it is also no coincidence. Kia’s comprehensive seven-year warranty is based on incredibly high quality standards and many years of hard work.”

In the first half of 2016, a total of 10,317 Kia Sportage models were newly registered across Germany and the Sportage continues to be a bestseller at dealers across the UK too. In the UK, 1,500 sold in the first weekend on sale and 22,000 units having been sold since 5 February 2016, the Sportage is proving a popular choice with UK customers. The Sportage is available now at Roadside Garages in Coleraine.

Ian Lamont of Roadside Garages said: “It is great to see the Sportage winning this award in Germany. Here at [insert dealership], the Sportage has been a bestseller and well-received by our customers in [insert location], so it comes as no surprise it has won the highest possible score as part of a hat trick of recent awards. I look forward to welcoming more customers down to test-drive our Sportage”.

The new Kia Sportage features a distinctive new ‘face’, and offers more interior space than the previous model. It has a higher-quality, better-equipped interior, with comfort elements including seat ventilation, a wireless charger for smartphones, sensor-controlled Smart Power Tailgate, and a Smart Parking Assist System, depending on specification.