Kia Parts and accessories

While the Kia name is synonymous with dependability and value, gradual wear and tear is inevitable during the course of your vehicle ownership. As such, the need to upgrade parts for your Kia is essential to preserving performance and resale value. At Roadside Garages Kia, we have an array of genuine Kia parts that won’t let you down.

We take great pride in the work we carry out at Roadside Garages Kia. That’s why any parts or vehicle components used in our maintenance and repairs are of the highest quality. Fitting genuine Kia parts over an inferior-quality item is also the most cost-effective option. While generic components will often prove cheaper to begin with, the need for their replacement will arise more often and ultimately cost you more.

At our parts department in Coleraine, we have a team of experts who will be able to find the part you need. If you’re a home mechanic looking to fine-tune performance, or simply wish to upgrade the entertainment and styling of your vehicle, you are certain to find the perfect part at Roadside Garages Kia.

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