Xvision Parking Sensors for Kia

Did you know that almost 40% of accidents are caused whilst reversing, causing unexpected expense and inconvenience (average cost of repair approx. £500).

Avoid such a cost by having an Xvision parking system installed!  They are available in rear or front and rear for all round protection.

Why Xvision?

  • Approved by Kia
  • Preserve your vehicle's residual value
  • 3 year Warranty
  • Avoid damage to your vehicle and others
  • Avoid obstructions below your line of vision such as young children and bollards
  • Protect your No Claims Bonus
  • Painted bumpers are expensive to repair
  • Ideal for those who find it difficult to look backwards when reversing
  • Many cars have restricted front and rear vision

Front Parking Sensors £349

Rear Parking Sensors £299

Front and Rear (Save £99) Only £549

For more information contact our aftersales team on 028 70525818 or make an enquiry.