Winter Safety Check Just £19.99

Make sure your car's ready for winter driving with a winter check.

Winter is here which means most of us will have to spend some time driving in the dark, and through rain, sleet and possibly snow, so now is a good time to make sure your car's up to the job of keeping you safe throughout the winter months.

Here at Roadside (Garages) Limited in Coleraine, we can help make sure your car is ready with a winter safety check for just £19.99.

We'll make sure your tyres, brakes, coolant levels, lights, windscreen wipers, steering, suspension, exhaust and battery and more are checked. See WHY below...


Why book a Winter Safety Check?

Winter checks are still important to make sure your car stays safe and in a serviceable condition. Some of these checks can be done by yourself at home but if you're not in a position to carry out these checks, our qualified technicians are here to help.

  • We check coolants to ensure that the vehicle is fully protected from corrosion and freezing.
  • We check your battery because short journeys reduce charging time and the increased electrical load during the winter will still reduce the battery’s performance and could ultimately result in battery failure – with nearly 20% of winter breakdowns due to battery faults.

  • We check your filters because it becomes full of dust, pollen and other foreign particles reducing fresh air output into the cabin resulting in condensation taking longer to clear.

  • We check your air conditioning because it's very effective in winter for demisting windows as it draws out the moisture from within the vehicle.

  • We check your screen wash as the correct concentration of screenwash additive helps prevent the washer fluid from freezing in the jets, pipe work, and sometimes even the reservoir on our extremely cold mornings.

Book a Winter Safety Check at Roadside (Garages) Limited in Coleraine | Northern Ireland